Diamond, Gold or Artificial Jewellery - What to Wear to The Big Fat Indian Wedding?

Published: 22nd February 2011
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The Indian wedding’s are obnoxiously huge with a lot of band, baaja and baarat. The gold too is not left far behind. Infact this is one occasion where people tend to flaunt their gold, diamonds and even silver jewellery. It is indeed an excuse where the young and the old look into jewellery boxes to dish out the most expensive and biggest jewellery that will draw everyone’s attention.

It is understood that making up your mind to decide what you really want to wear to that big fat Indian wedding can be literally mind boggling and complex.

Every Indian family loves stacking up on jewellery; it could be gold, silver or even diamonds and pearls. Everyone has atleast one precious metal that they can boost off. Most of us adorn the heaviest of gold jewellery irrespective of it is matches our outfit. Ideally just like any other occasion, the rule you need to follow is that your jewellery compliments and matches your outfit. If you are planning on wearing traditional clothes like lehngas and saris then Gold and Diamond jewellery is a good choice. If its western attire you’ve chosen to wear then you can choose pearls, silver or cute looking jewellery made of gold.

Not all of your jewellery will go with every outfit in your wardrobe. There are some which can be a complete misfit, while the others can be very versatile. You therefore need to wear jewellery that matches your clothes if you want to steal the show. Western clothes for example work well with jewellery that is small and very contemporary in design. On the other hand saris that are heavily embroidered look good in small intricately designed diamond jewellery. If you choose traditional Kanjeevaram, Maheshwari, Benarasi, or even the simple silk sari from Kerala then heavy gold jewellery is a good choice.

Gold Jewellery that has a few precious stones encrusted on it make an elaborate look with any kind of traditional Indian sari or outfit.

However views on wearing traditional Indian saris are quickly changing. An age old myth where every Indian family thought it to be auspicious to wear gold jewellery is now changing. People today prefer artificial jewellery or one gram gold jewellery that is not very expensive as gold, but looks and feels like it. Another advantage is that you can buy as much as you want, in different designs and still not feel the pinch. Most of these artificial jewellery also come fitted with American diamonds that looks like real stones.

Another reason for this change to occur is that gold and silver prices are only soaring and are at its peak today. This is one reason why gold jewellers prefer selling artificial jewellery and have reduced stocking up on pure gold jewellery.

To conclude, since imitation jewellery looks and feels exactly like the real thing, it is definitely a good option. However if you can afford gold, silver and diamonds then you can take the plunge, after all it is worth its weight in money.

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