Budget Hotels in Shirdi - A Quick Look

Published: 23rd September 2011
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Shirdi features plenty of options when it comes to hotels. Both budget hotels and five stars make for fine accommodation options during a holiday. Almost all Shirdi hotels have state of the art facilities.

Online reservations can be made at most Shirdi hotels and bookings can be made prior to your visit. This ensures that you have an accommodation fixed when you reach and you do not have to enquire at the different hotels in town. Even budget hotels in Shirdi provide fully air conditioned rooms. You can avail double bed accommodation in case you are visiting the town in a small group. The provision of adding extra cots to your room can also be made in case of bigger groups at a nominal charge.

The rooms come with attached spacious toilets which are well ventilated with the appropriate facilities. These hotels also offer value for money deals. The temple is surrounded with hotels which are well within walking distance from the same. Most tourists do not look for luxury and comfort when visiting Shirdi as it is a devotional site.

The various budget hotels in Shirdi include Kala Sai, Sai Mahal, Saish, Sai Sahavas and Kuber Inn. There are numerous other hotels available in a similar price and comfort range. It is not difficult to find accommodation in Shirdi except on specific occasions when Shirdi is thronged by tourists. If time and your budget allow, you can also travel to Nashik. Nashik is only a 123 km away from Shirdi. You can go to Nashik if all accommodations in Shirdi are full. Most of the above mentioned Shirdi hotels comprise of as many as 30-50 rooms. In addition to this most of these rooms have an in suite bathroom. Cafeteria services are also available in these hotels. The in house cafeterias in these hotels serve pure, fresh and hygienic vegetarian cuisine. You can enjoy your meals either at the restaurant or in your room thanks to room service. Tourists can travel to Shirdi, relax, freshen up and have a light meal before they head for ‘darshan’.

Hotels like Saish also provide ATM facilities, Laundry Service, Coffee Shop as well as 24 X 7 medical services. The hotels come with a safe parking space that ensures the safety of visiting cars and other vehicles. At a nominal charge, these hotels also provide internet facilities so even on your holiday; you can stay well connected with your workplace or office.

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